On a mission to help One million Runners Fuel Better

No amount of fitness and mental toughness will overcome running out of glucose. Fuelling can become your secret weapon.

We’re Redefining Running Coaching

Tired of one-size-fits-all running programs that don’t seem to understand runners’ personal challenges and motivations…  At Bannister Running, we challenge the status quo by diving deeper

We believe that a truly effective running coach does more than schedule your runs – we become partners in your journey. Our programs are not just about beating times or conquering distances; it’s about aligning your running goals with your life’s ambitions and deeper personal motivations.

Whether you’re running to set a strong example for your children, to enhance your overall wellness, or to explore the limits of what you can achieve, our ‘Unstoppable Runner’ program is designed for you. 

This isn’t just about getting faster or going longer; it’s about crafting a fulfilling journey that resonates deeply with your personal aspirations.

If you’re ready to transform not just how you run, but why you run, then you’re in the right place. Join us, and let’s break free from the ordinary together.

Was able to achieve a Sub 2-Hour half marathon on my first try
Stephanie O.
Nurse & Runner
"A better way of running, not just a training plan. The pacing strategy made my hilly half a breeze"
Deckel I.
Product Manager
"After two kids I fell back in love with running."
Karen S.
Mum & Runner

3 Ways We Can Help You...

We help passionate runners to achieve their goals consistently and with confidence.

Free Training

* Learn our 6-step framework to become an Unstoppable Runner

* Gain confdence and stop being overwhlemed.

* Achieve ALL your running goals.

Why We Run

* Join 3,000+ runners who read the “Why We Run” newsletter every week.

* Unlike other newsletters about running, only Why We Run focuses on one actionable step a week.

Fuelling Calculator

* No amount of fitness and mental toughness will overcome running out of glucose

* A unique and user-friendly tool that creates personalized fuelling plans for every run and race

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