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At Bannister, we revolutionize your running experience with 100% personalized, smart training programs that adapt to your unique needs, ensuring optimal progress and minimizing the risk of injury.

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Discover Bannister’s 100% personalized training programs that evolve with you at a fraction of the cost.

No longer settle for one-size-fits-all training plans or break the bank for a coach. Bannister offers dynamic training programs that constantly adapt to your unique performance.

Whether you face setbacks like illness or rest days or experience surprising progress, our cutting-edge technology has you covered. By analyzing data from your sports watch and leveraging our exclusive CSI (Cardiovascular Stress Indicator) algorithm, we ensure your training program is always optimized.

Unleash your true potential with Bannister’s personalized approach, empowering you to reach the next level of performance. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter plans and hello to a tailored journey that propels you toward your goals.

Unlocking True Personalization: How Bannister Crafts an Adaptive Program Tailored to You.

Customized to Your Age & Sex

At Bannister, we understand the significance of age and sex in shaping a truly personalized training program. We recognize that different bodies respond uniquely to specific runs and require varying recovery periods.

For instance, the physical stress experienced by a twenty-year-old female during a 60-minute run differs significantly from that of a fifty-year-old male.

Catered to Your Cardiovascular Fitness

While many runners rely on the outdated “220 minus your age” formula for heart rate zones, Bannister takes a more comprehensive approach.

We factor in your resting heart rate to establish accurate heart rate zones. This approach is backed by scientific research, ensuring that your training zones align with your current fitness level.

With properly calibrated heart rate zones, you will experience newfound strength and confidence in every run.

Assessing Your Running Fitness

To maximize your training potential, it is crucial to assess your running fitness before diving into a program. Consider the contrasting abilities of a marathoner and a 5k runner: a marathoner may struggle to run 400 hard, while a 5k runner might find running 20 miles challenging.

To align your training pace with your current capacities, Bannister conducts a simple 6-minute test to evaluate your running fitness. Armed with the results, we tailor your speed sessions and estimate race finishing times, enabling you to complete workouts successfully and objectively track your progress over time.

Real-Time Adaptations for Optimal Progress

Regardless of unforeseen circumstances like illness or unexpected adaptability to training, Bannister’s proprietary CSI (Cardiovascular Stress Indicator) algorithm leverages data from your sports watch to make real-time adaptations.

Your program evolves with you, ensuring that you constantly receive optimized training geared toward taking your performance to new heights while minimizing your chances of injury.

PLUS Strength Training: Unleash Your Full Potential

Every Bannister training program includes dedicated strength training sessions specifically designed for runners. No special equipment is required; you can perform these sessions conveniently at home, the gym, or even in the park.

Strength training acts as your secret weapon, empowering you to become a stronger, more efficient runner while significantly reducing the risk of injuries by up to 50%.

By employing these personalized strategies and incorporating strength training, Bannister revolutionizes your training experience, allowing you to surpass your limits and achieve remarkable results.

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45-Year-Old Mom of 3 kids

Bannister fit my busy life perfectly. Personalized training and strength sessions helped me set a new record. It’s a must for every mom runner aiming for success and balance.

Sarah M.

A BQ thanks to Bannister

Bannister’s program was a true game-changer, providing the perfect balance of training and support to help me surpass my goals. I finally was able to run break the 3 hours mark during my marathon and qualify to Boston.

Derek O.

Sub 2-Hour Half Marathon on my First Try

In just my first training program with Bannister I was able to finally break the 2 hours in my Half Marathon. I felt confident going into the race, and a very important thing, without getting injured!

Stephanie O.

A Better Way of Running, not Just a Training Plan

Before training in the Bannister system my heart rate was always sky high. Now I can run for hours with a controlled heart rate and I ran a new personal record after my first training program.

Adrian B.

Every runner that has finished a Bannister training program achieved a New Personal Record​

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"Bannister makes running even more fun! Great service/product you are offering....so glad I have found Bannister running coach."
Monika M.
Master Runner


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NOTE: If the ONLY thing holding you back from actually taking action and investing in improving your running and achieving new PRs is a fear of ‘Will this work for me?’ or ‘How can I trust this is right for me?’ I encourage you to reread my words above. We will honor this guarantee without exception because we are committed to giving the best training possible. And if we are not the right fit, we are here to rectify the situation.


Access to create as many running training programs as you like. We have plans for 5km, 10km, half marathon, marathon and a build-up plan to keep running when you don’t have a specific race to train for.

Yes. Bannister needs your training data to be able to adjust and adapt your training plan. You need a watch with GPS and heart rate monitor. We are compatible with all the major brands of watches, like Garmin, Apple Watch, Polar, etc.

Nope. Every training program inside Bannister includes strength training designed specifically for runners.

There is no specific equipment needed. You can do the workouts at home.

Nope. You get full access to Bannister with your monthly subscription.

Our team is just one email away to help you plan your training and answer any question you have. Just send an email to diego@bannister.coach

A smarter way for runners to train.