A smarter way for runners to train
A smarter way for runners to train

that Has Finished a Bannister Training Program Achieved a New Personal Record​

Goals with Purpose

Using a science-backed running fitness test (that you can do anywhere with just your running watch) Bannister helps you set realistic goals for your next race. Goals that will motivate you and will set you up on the right track.

100% Personalized Training Plans

Every time you create a new training program on Bannister you will get a 100% personalized training plan.

Your fitness changes over time based on many factors. You may get injured, sick or want to enjoy a break over the holidays. Bannister takes this into account. It adjusts your training plan to keep you on track toward your goals.

Unlimited Real-Time Adjustments

Every time you train, Bannister will read your training performance and, based on a proprietary algorithm, decides if your training program needs adjustments.

All of these in real-time, the second we receive the information from your running watch.

This way you will always have the optimal training program. Whether your body is adapting perfectly to the program or you missed a day or two due to sickness, Bannister will adjust. 

Unlimited Training Plans

Once you finish a training program and achieve your goal, you can choose to keep improving over that distance or change to a new one.

And if your race gets canceled, just start a new training program. You can change and create as many plans as you want.

From 5km to a Marathon

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