A smarter way for runners to train
A smarter way for runners to train

A powerful running training system that listens to your body.

What’s holding you back is not your lack of effort or that you’re a “bad” or “slow” runner. It’s simply that you haven’t had the right training system, and that’s about to change!

Always the optimal training program.

Unlimited Training Plans. From 5k to a Marathon

A One-Stop Comprehensive Training System

Your Current Training Options

Expensive Coaches

Having a coach that gives you everything you want is SUPER EXPENSIVE, time-consuming, and slow. Not to mention subjective and determined by the whims of the coach.

Cookie-Cutter Training Plans

Pre-made training plans are static. It's the same plan for months and then you are forced to spend even more money on the creation of new training plans for each race/distance in the future.


Updates based on your training performance

Injury prevention embedded within the program

Achieve your true running potential easily

Traditional training makes you:


Powerful and smart online running training that listens to your body.

Created by professional certified running coaches

Don't just take our word for it.

Every runner that has finished a Bannister training program achieved a New Personal Record

Sub 2-Hour Half Marathon on my First Try

In just my first training program with Bannister I was able to finally break the 2 hours in my Half Marathon. I felt confident going into the race, and a very important thing, without getting injured!

Stephanie O.

A Better Way of Running, not Just a Training Plan

Before training in the Bannister system my heart rate was always sky high. Now I can run for hours with a controlled heart rate and I ran a new personal record after my first training program.

Adrian B.

Some of Bannister Runner's Results

Sub 3-Hour Marathon -
Boston Qualified

With all this Personal Records Along the Way

Sub 30-Minute 5k PR
From 31:09 to 28:36 Minutes

With all this Personal Records Along the Way

Sub 2-Hour Half Marathon After Just 16 Weeks
From 2:04:56 to 1:55:19

With all this Personal Records Along the Way

Sub 1-Hour 10k PR
From 1:04:23 to 54:51

With all this Personal Records Along the Way

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Powerful technology + human help

Runners love us for our technology. And the nice people who are always around to answer questions.

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