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Take the guesswork out of fuelling with the Bannister Fuelling Calculator

You are probably here because you know the importance of proper, personalized fuelling to achieve your running goals but don’t know the best way to do it.

You are in the right place!

When you run, glucose (a carbohydrate) is the primary energy source that your muscles need to move.

And no amount of fitness and mental toughness will overcome running out of glucose.

How can you expect to nail your fuelling and achieve your goals if you don’t know how to do it and the advice you get is often conflicting, incomplete, or based on personal preferences?

Introducing the Bannister Fuelling Calculator, a unique and user-friendly tool that creates personalized fuelling plans so you know exactly how, when, and what to eat and drink during your workouts and races.

And here’s the best part… when you fuel correctly, you start seeing results on your very next run. Improving your carb intake gives you instant benefits—no need to change your training plan or add one more thing to your routine.

"If you don't fix how you fuel your body, it doesn't matter how much speedwork you do or how much mileage you run; you will keep struggling."

Way More Than Gels And Gatorade

One of the main mistakes runners make about fuelling is thinking it’s all about how many gels to consume during a long run or a race.

When fuelling also means what you eat before and after your run and how you hydrate. Because not drinking enough water can severely impact your body’s ability to process food, absorb nutrients, and produce energy efficiently.

The "Hidden" Benefits

Proper fueling will not only make you a faster runner and help you feel better and finish stronger. It will also help you:

  • Recover faster
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Have more energy
  • Improve your running faster
  • Have better mood

Bannister Fuelling Calculator

Watch this Video to See How it Works.

"The Bannister Fuelling Calculator is backed by over 100 research papers.

Go into each training and race with confidence, knowing you are doing the right thing and not second-guessing your plan."

Also Included

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Say goodbye to gut distress and hello to a more enjoyable, powerful running experience.

This eBook offers invaluable insights into how you can train your digestive system to handle the demands of fuelling, helping you eliminate the common GI issues that plague many runners. (coming late June)

Race Pace Calculator

Discover your true fitness level and strategically plan your upcoming races with our easy-to-follow guide and calculator.

With just a fast 6-minute test, you’ll gain precise insights into your fitness, allowing you to accurately estimate your running paces and times.

1:1 Consultation

Get a free 30-minute consultation (valued at $150) when you purchase the Bannister Fuelling Calculator.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your long runs, fine-tune your race-day nutrition strategy, or overcome GI issues, this consultation provides you with customized guidance and actionable steps.

Ready to create your personalized fuelling plan and achieve your running goals?

Choose the option best suited for you and start today.


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