A smarter way for runners to train
A smarter way for runners to train

A Better Way to Achieve your Running Goals

Bannister is the only running system that provides unlimited, tailor-made, professionally designed training programs that constantly adapt and adjust to your fitness and your training outcomes to help you achieve your running goals.

1. Professionally Designed

Every plan, month, week, and workout inside Bannister is carefully created using a science-backed methodology by professional, certified running coaches.

You can have the confidence that you are training in the best possible way.

Our coaches do not just have running certifications. They also have certifications in personal and strength training to create a comprehensive training system.

Bannister Professionally designed

2. Tailor Made

Cookie-cutter training plans are just wrong. What has helped other runners will not work for you. You are unique, and you need a unique training program designed just for you.

You get the same quality of workouts and system as a professional runner explicitly customized for you.

Bannister Tailor Made

3. Realistic Goals

What is the best way to set a running goal? Asking a coach? Your best friend? Selecting one randomly and working your butt off?

Nope! It’s assessing your running fitness and start from there.

You run as fast as you possibly can today, not a second faster, not a second slower. A real goal is based on listening to your body becoming the best, fastest runner you can be during your training plan.

In Bannister, we assess your running fitness and create a training program to improve it in a smart, personalized way.

No matter your goals, we can help you get there, but with realistic, fulfilling milestones based on what your body tells us.

Bannister Realistic Goals

4. Real Time Adjustments

Bannister analyzes every one of your workouts based on your actual training performance and adjusts your training program in real-time.

This guarantees that you will have the optimal training program based on your changing running fitness levels. Every Day. Every time.

Missing a training session?. Yes! Bannister will even consider that and adjust your training plan accordingly so you can continue improving.

Bannister Real Time Adjustments

5. Unlimited

You should not be constrained to a distance, goal or number of training programs.

With Bannister, you can create a new training program at any moment.

Want to run a fast 5k. No problem!
Want to run a marathon?. We’ve got you covered!

Was your race canceled and need a new training program? Just create a new one at any time.

You have absolute control over when to start a new program. We have plans from a 5km up to a Marathon.

Bannister Unlimited

6. Affordable

In the past, you had to spend thousands of dollars a year to get this kind of coaching.

Now, leveraging the power of technology, you can get access to this new cutting-edge training system for less than a dollar a day!

Bannister Affordable

Are you ready to start training smarter?

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