They also thought it was impossible!

"I felt better than ever and achieved a new PR"
Adrian B.
Lawyer & Runner

Adrian is a triathlete and runner with a busy schedule who always felt was out of breath after just a few minutes of running. This is what he told us after his half marathon PR:

“Before training with Bannister my heart rate was always sky high, every training felt like a struggle. Now I can run for hours with a controlled heart rate and I ran a new personal record after my first training program.

And knowing that my training program was evolving with me gave me a great sense of confidence that the time I was putting into training was meaningful.”

And he not only broke his half-marathon record, he ran his best race ever, just check his Strava efforts below.

"After two kids I fell back in love with running"
Karen S.
Mom & Runner

Holly tried a couple of times to return to running after her two kids without a lot of success, either she felt terribly slow, or she ran out of air in a few minutes. By having personalized hear rate zones and interval pace, she was able to achieve her 5k goal. Here is what she told us:

“Returning to running after two kids seemed so scary and challenging. Specially because I was either too slow or ran out of gas pretty fast.

After following the Bannister Training program I was able to break my PR and ran a 5k under 30 min. It may not seem that fast but for me, it was a big milestone and made me fall back in love with running

Runners think they have to train like their fast friends to become faster. But the best way to achieve your goals and become a faster runner is to train within your current abilities.

"Sub 2-Hour Half Marathon on my First Try"
Stephanie O.
Nurse & Runner

Stephanie was stuck at a 2:15 half-marathon. No matter how much she trained that time appeared to be her best time. She decided to try Bannister and her results were amazing. Here is what she told us:

“I was absolutely ecstatic when I saw my final time. It seemed unreal that in just my first training program with Bannister, I was able to finally break the 2 hours in my Half Marathon. I felt confident going into the race, and a very important thing, without getting injured!

A very important message that Stephanie share is, without getting injured. We developed Bannister with injury prevention embedded into our training programs by assessing your body’s stress after each workout and adapting your program accordingly, in addition to having a weekly strength training session.

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