About Bannister

Bannister is the only running system that provides unlimited, tailor-made, professionally designed training programs that constantly adapt and adjust to your fitness and your training outcomes to help you achieve your running goals.

Our Goal

To have a world where every runner has the tools and opportunity to train in a professional, personalized way.

With Bannister you get the same quality of workouts and system as a professional runner explicitly customized for you.

Why We Built It

To provide smart and automatically adaptable running training plans tailored for your specific fitness level and taking you to meet your running goals.

Where training plans and coaches fail you is where Bannister helps you become the best runner you can be.

Bannister Story

As math nerds, pragmatic entrepreneurs, and runners, we knew there had to be a way to create highly customized and updatable running training plans, leverage the power of technology, and understand the progressions and effects of training on the body to improve running performance.

With that knowledge and experience, our team developed a science-based algorithm to generate highly customized, updatable, and effective running training plans.

Bannister is the result of that.​

Our Head Coach

Diego Alcubierre has been running his whole life.

He is an Ironman Certified Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, UESCA Certified Running Coach, a TRX Qualified Coach, and has a diploma in Sports and Nutrition from Wageningen University.

  • Boston Marathon Qualifier
  • 3rd Place in Nashville Half Marathon
  • Guinness World Record Holder
  • 4:47 Personal Best Mile
  • 16:40 Personal Best 5k
  • 36:18 Personal Best 10km
  • 1:21:06 Personal Best Half Marathon
  • 2:54:43 Personal Best Marathon
  • 10:54:54 Personal Best 80km