Diego Alcubierre

Hi runner! I’m running coach Diego Alcubierre.

As a dad of two and a full-time business owner, I understand how crucial it is to maximize the time we dedicate to training. With so many influencers and businesses saying so many different things simultaneously (sometimes contradicting each other), it can be overwhelming, and we may get lost.

As someone who not only possesses all the necessary knowledge and certifications but also runs every day and serves as a guinea pig for new strategies and ways to improve as a runner…

My goal with Bannister is to provide you with the right tools, knowledge, and path to consistently improve as a runner without being overwhelmed.


My Running Coaching Certifications

As we aren’t elite runners with unlimited time and resources to train, my goal with these certifications is to make them accessible and understandable for everyone.

I dedicate my time to learning, applying, and explaining. You, on the other hand, can focus on training, enjoying the process, and improving.

My Personal Records

Before we begin, you should know that I wasn’t born a natural runner. I ran my first 10k at the age of 26, finishing in 1:06:23, which is thirty minutes slower than my current personal best.

  • 5x Boston Marathon Qualifier
  • 3rd Place in Nashville Half Marathon
  • Guinness World Record Holder
  • 4:47 Personal Best Mile
  • 16:40 Personal Best 5k
  • 36:18 Personal Best 10km
  • 1:21:06 Personal Best Half Marathon
  • 2:47:36 Personal Best Marathon (41 years old)
  • I’ve ran 21 marathons.
  • 10:54:54 Personal Best 80km
  • Ran 11 consecutive daily marathons to raise funds for childhood brain-tumour treatment.
  • 15th place in the world at the 2017 Duathlon Championships

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