A smarter way for runners to train
A smarter way for runners to train


How “Normal Runners” can Train as Elite Runners

In this talk, Dr. Seiler explains in words and pictures how modern exercise physiology laboratories reveal the body’s remarkable capacity for adaptation. In this talk, you will learn why “No pain, no gain” is a terrible way to think when you train, and why it’s better to think “Don’t go hard – go smart”

10km = 16km (6.25mi = 10mi)

Have you heard the saying that your brain can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination? Well, the same is true with your body and running. After a run, your body doesn’t care about how many miles/kilometers you ran; it cares about how much stress it felt. And it’s super important to understand it to …

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Game – Wordsearch – Running

Have fun with this running word search. Remember, if you score more than 880 points email us at diego@bannister.coach with a screenshot of your score. You might win something!

Is Heel Striking Bad? Breaking the Myth

Is Heel Striking Bad? Breaking the Myth

The discussion about the correct foot strike pattern creates a lot of confusion among runners. Far too often, runners read an ill-informed article defining running with a midfoot or forefoot strike as the universal solution to unlocking your injury-free, most efficient form. If you are among the heel-striking team questioning your biomechanical effectiveness, this article …

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