Garmin Forerunner 645 Music Review

Description of the Watch

With this watch, Garmin wanted to make it more about entertainment than pure functionality. With this model, you can now listen to music, podcasts, and even audiobooks while you run. The best part is you can easily cycle through the songs using the watch without taking your eyes off the path in front of you.

However, getting the songs from Spotify onto the watch can take a lot of time. Plus, you need to have Spotify Premium before you can even start. We will cover this more below.

Finally, the 645 Music also includes Garmin Pay, if that interests you. Like most sports watches, however, it is pretty expensive. Keep reading to decide if it is worth your money or not.


We took the time to sit down, read the reviews, and do the research into the quality of this product- so you do not have to. Here is what we found:

The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is a sports watch that can keep track of a variety of activities and has an amazing GPS in place. This can help keep you oriented during a long run, especially if you enjoy exploring new areas.

That being said, the music feature that the watch is based on feels underdeveloped and is not as great as it is on other Garmin sports watches.

When thinking about whether or not you should buy this model, please consider the following:

Reasons to Buy

  • Great design: Like many other Garmin watches, the design is functional, lightweight, and includes a large screen for easy viewing. The metal rim is durable and helps protect the strong glass display from damages.
  • Fast GPS and compass: The GPS is quick and accurate, meaning you can rely on it when you run in an unfamiliar area. The GPS is this product’s best feature and you can rely on it without worry. Combined with the compass, this makes for a great navigation system- perfect for trail running.
  • First to add Spotify Support: This was the first Garmin watch to implement Spotify support. This allows you to listen to your playlists offline, without having to use your smartphone. The 4GB storage would allow you to download 500 songs to the watch. It is a good way to stay motivated.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • Iffy with Spotify: You need a Spotify Premium account to make the most of the watch’s music features, plus, you need to connect it to a computer to download the songs.
  • Poor Battery Life: The battery drops about 10% an hour- making it much worse than other Garmin sports watches. For example, the Garmin 935 can last for 10 days between charging, while the 645 Music lasts maybe 3. You will want to be sure that you have it fully charged if you plan on going on a longer run.

Bottom Line

Overall, the main music feature of the Garmin 645 is not that useful. Most people still chose to use their phones for entertainment while working out. Still, this watch is great at tracking your run data and has amazing GPS support.

Any runner would find the main features useful. This includes pace tracking, heart rate monitoring, an accurate compass, a gyroscope, and even a thermometer to record your temperatures. All of these together allow the watch to accurately track your run data and provide you with tons of statistics about your training.

It also has a pretty high price tag that might not be worth it, considering it revolves around the idea that you will use it for music or listening to other content- when you will likely end up just using your phone for that anyway.

Technical Specs

Display Type: Touch Screen

Display Size: 1.2 inches

Display Resolution: 240 x 240 Pixels

Input: Touch Screen

Strap Material: Silicone

Waterproof: Yes

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