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Knowing your pace is an important part of being a runner. Whether you’re training for a race or just trying to improve your personal best, being able to track your progress is key. But what if you’re used to measuring your pace in minutes per mile, and you want to know what that pace is in minutes per kilometer? Or vice versa? Fear not, converting between the two is easy! Here’s how to do it.

There are 1.609 kilometers in a mile. To convert minutes per mile to minutes per kilometer, simply divide the number of minutes by 1.609. For example, if you can run a 10-minute mile, your pace would be 6:13 minutes per kilometer or min/km.

Just move the sliders and get the conversion in real time.

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Now that you know how to convert minutes per mile to minutes per kilometer, min/km, you can accurately compare your running times no matter what units of measurement you’re using.

This knowledge will come in handy whether you’re trying to PR at your next race or simply keeping track of your progress over time. Happy running!

Which countries use min per mile and which min per km?

The vast majority of countries use the metric system, which includes units such as meters, liters, and grams. However, there are a few notable exceptions that use different systems of measurement.

The United States is one of the only industrialized nations that still uses the imperial system, which includes units such as feet, inches, and pounds. This system is also used in Myanmar, Liberia, and a handful of other countries.

The imperial system was once common throughout the British Empire, but most countries have since switched to the metric system. In contrast, Myanmar and Liberia both have strong ties to the UK and were never part of the metric system. As a result, they continue to use the imperial system to this day.

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