My Chosen Shoes for the Boston Marathon

After months of hard training and preparation, I am finally tapering down for the 127th Boston Marathon, which takes place next week. Running a marathon requires a lot of commitment and dedication, and I have been working hard to ensure I am in the best possible shape for the big day.

And one part pretty much every runner is obsessed with is running shoes.

I’ve seen and experienced how good running shoes can help you run faster than ever and achieve new personal records.

And after all that hard work, I don’t care if the shoes only help me run 0.1% faster; I’ll take any improvement I can have. So, I’ve been researching and trying different brands and models for the past few months.

I just recorded a quick video explaining what shoes I chose and why. Watch it below.

Diego Alcubierre, a passionate runner and coach, started his journey at 26 with a 10k time of 1:06:23 and has since slashed 30 minutes off his personal record. With five running and coaching certifications, Diego is committed to sharing his expertise and proven strategies to help runners of all levels enhance their performance, stay motivated, and enjoy the journey of running. At Bannister, he simplifies complex training concepts, empowering you to achieve your running goals.