Polar Grit X Review

Polar GRIT X Watch Description

The Polar Grit X has a bulkier design than other Polar models, but it does not overdo it. The design gives it more of a Garmin look, compared to the slimmer styles you can usually expect from Polar.

This was intentional, as the watch is aimed more at hikers and other outdoor sports than it is at indoor running. Still, it works great for any outdoor runner but is lacking features for running on a track. The waterproofing has been updated as well, making it perfect for any nature adventure- it has great durability to survive any tough situation.


The Polar Grit X offers tons of features that give you training help at a lower cost than some Garmin products. It also includes a Hill Splitter that can be great to use for hill workouts.

If you are planning on using it in trail running or hiking, then this could be very helpful to you in getting the most out of your time. Some of the aspects of this watch need to be developed more to be useful to runners, but we researched so you do not have to. Read below to learn more.

Reasons to Buy

  • Durable design: This watch is meant to withstand the roughest conditions and its design shows that. If you plan on tackling the tougher outdoor activities then you can trust this model to hold up any conditions.
  • Recovery in-sights: One of the most important parts of getting fit is having a good recovery period. The Polar Grit X can help you by giving you detailed recovery insights based on your activity levels.
  • Access to the Polar Flow app: This app can sync with your watch and offer you large amounts of data. This includes sleep charts and a lot of information on your progress.
  • Great training suggestions: The watch can also give you training suggestions during your routines. It is very responsive to your needs.

Reasons NOT to Buy

  • No Spotify support: With many sports watches these days, access to popular music streaming services is important. Many rely on music to keep themselves entertained and motivated while running. This watch does not support Spotify.
  • No offline maps: Offline maps are great at helping you find your way around in the outdoors where you do not have access to wifi. However, this watch does not use offline maps.
  • Hill Splitter mode is iffy: Hill Splitter mode can be unreliable, as it does not always detect short changes in elevation- making it miss some inclines that you travel over. This makes the feature less useful.
  • Not designed for runners: While great at handling many outdoor activities, this watch is not tailored to runners. If you want to try trail running it is perfect, but it is not designed for track, indoor or road running.

Bottom Line

Polar Grit X offers a broad range of activity tracking for you to use. It is geared towards outdoor use and various outdoor runners might find it helpful. If you train on a track, you might not get the most from this model. Overall, the watch is durable and will not completely drain your bank account. 

The nutritional suggestions can help you during your recovery period and boost your energy- so that you are ready to go next time, feeling stronger than before.

Technical Specs

Display Type: Always-on touch screen

Display Size: 1.2 inches

Display Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels

Battery Life: Up to 7 days

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