How “Normal Runners” can Train as Elite Runners

In this talk, Dr. Seiler explains in words and pictures how modern exercise physiology laboratories reveal the body’s remarkable capacity for adaptation.

In this talk, you will learn why “No pain, no gain” is a terrible way to think when you train, and why it’s better to think “Don’t go hard – go smart”

This is one of the best running watches you can buy to measure your hear rate.

Diego Alcubierre, a passionate runner and coach, started his journey at 26 with a 10k time of 1:06:23 and has since slashed 30 minutes off his personal record. With five running and coaching certifications, Diego is committed to sharing his expertise and proven strategies to help runners of all levels enhance their performance, stay motivated, and enjoy the journey of running. At Bannister, he simplifies complex training concepts, empowering you to achieve your running goals.