Heel Striking, Quarantine & Running Book of the Month

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Articles of the Week

Running Book of the Month

Epic Runs of the World – by Lonely Planet

I just got this book as a Christmas present and it is amazing. With all the pandemic and canceled races, it has been a great source of motivation to look into future amazing runs.

Because it is not only about races, there are epic runs you can do on your own following the book as a guide. How about a climb into the foothills of Nepal, an ultra-trail in Australia, or an epic Park Run in Portland?

Get the Hardcover here, it’s a fantastic coffee table book.

News of the Week

Ultra-runner Kilian Jornet tried to break the 24-hour (303km) record last Friday.

Right now he is considered the best ultra-runner in the world, but sadly, he fell short, dropping out of the attempt at 10 hours with chest pain.

You can read more about it here

And you can follow Kilian on Twitter here

Happy running and see you next WEEK

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