Top Running Podcasts to Listen in 2023

Running podcasts are an excellent way for runners to learn about training plans, injury prevention, mental health, and nutrition. They can give runners a deeper understanding of improving their running and achieving their goals.

Listening to stories of other runners’ experiences, both good and bad, can be a great source of inspiration and motivation for runners. Hearing about the challenges that other runners have overcome can help keep them motivated during their training.

Mix Up Your Routine

Running podcasts can also be a great way to mix up your running routine. They can offer an enjoyable distraction and can make your running time pass quickly, especially during your long run.

Podcasts are also a great way for runners to learn from experts in the field, including coaches, runners, and other professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. They can provide runners with valuable tips and strategies to improve their running and achieve their goals.

Top Running Podcasts to Listen in 2023

Chasing Pr’s – Running Podcast

The Chasing Pr’s podcast hosts, Diego Alcubierre and Richelle Weeks, have more than 20 years of combined experience in coaching and physiotherapy and will make you feel that you are learning and talking with friends.

Chasing Pr’s is a podcast for everyday runners who want to make the most out of their training and achieve new personal records while managing work, family and life outside running.

“Absolutely love this podcast! Lots of great tips and I feel like I’m hanging out with a couple of friends” – pattergrub on Apple Music

Ali on The Run

This podcast is centred on the running and fitness lifestyle, providing listeners with insights and advice on a wide range of topics from training, nutrition, and injury prevention to mental toughness, goal setting and racing strategies. It’s hosted by Ali Feller and is joined by various guests that range from elite runners to everyday runners and other fitness experts. The podcast aims to educate and inspire its listeners to become their best selves, not just as runners but as individuals.

Running for Real

The podcast is focused on helping runners of all levels improve their running through expert interviews, listener Q&A’s, and tips and strategies for training, injury prevention, and more. 

It has host Tina Muir, former elite runner and coach, who discusses various running-related topics, such as training plans, injury prevention, mental health and nutrition. 

The Morning Shakeout

The Morning Shakeout podcast is a weekly running podcast hosted by Mario Fraioli, an experienced runner, writer and veteran podcaster.

Each episode is designed to provide listeners with actionable advice, insights, and inspiration from some of the running world’s most accomplished and exciting figures. The show covers a wide range of subjects, and listeners can expect to learn something new every week to help them become better runners and people overall.

Trail Runner Nation

The “Trail Runner Nation” podcast is a show dedicated to the sport of trail running. The show covers a wide range of topics related to trail running, including training, racing, gear, nutrition, and more. 

The host and creator of the podcast, who are experienced trail runners themselves, discuss various subjects and often feature interviews with trail runners, coaches and other experts in the field to provide listeners with a wide range of perspectives and information. 

Running Commentary

The “Running Commentary” podcast is a show that provides a unique and entertaining take on the world of running. The hosts of the show provide humorous and insightful commentary on various topics related to the sport, including training, racing, gear, and current events. 

The podcast’s goal is to provide listeners with an entertaining and informative look at the sport of running, with a dose of humour and wit, as well as help them become better and more informed runners. 

Ten Junk Miles

Ten Junk Miles is meant to be your companion as you run. Think of us as your running partners on days when you need some friends to get you out on an easy run. 

It is -7 degrees outside in Chicago. As such, Cory Feign and Scott Kummer randomly decide to run along the Chicago Lakefront. After an hour, they start to enjoy it. Scott tells Cory about an idea he has for a podcast inspired by regular runners’ conversations while running together. Cory tells Scott he’s a moron for not saying something sooner, and they immediately decide to start a podcast.

Top running podcasts

Diego Alcubierre, a passionate runner and coach, started his journey at 26 with a 10k time of 1:06:23 and has since slashed 30 minutes off his personal record. With five running and coaching certifications, Diego is committed to sharing his expertise and proven strategies to help runners of all levels enhance their performance, stay motivated, and enjoy the journey of running. At Bannister, he simplifies complex training concepts, empowering you to achieve your running goals.